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Allen (アレン, Aren) is the main protagonist of the game. He is the sixth and last child to be taken under Teacher's care.


Allen's design by Miwashiba.

Allen is a young boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a buttoned white long-sleeved shirt with a blue ribbon tie underneath the collar, dark blue shorts with suspenders, a pair of blue-and-white striped stockings, and a pair of blue shoes. Stella notes that he has a pretty face.

In the Cheshire Cat ending, he dons Cheshire cat's cloak. His eyes become gold, slitted eyes and he inherits Cheshire Cat's inhuman mouth with a wide grin and pointed teeth.

When he's 17+, his appearance has more resemblance to Teacher's with his long dark hooded coat also thrown over his shoulders. The novel version has long hair that reaches past his shoulders and is tied in a ponytail, though it appears that his hair stays short in the Recipient of Love ending. Both iterations wear a long sleeved, turtle-neck shirt, suspenders, and Teacher's pendant. However, the Recipient of Love version's shirt has longer cuffs while the novel version has the same kind as his younger counterpart's. The illustration in the novel also has his left eye become gold and slitted after forming a pact.


Allen in the game.

Allen is a very intelligent boy capable of understanding words above his age group and solving the many puzzles and riddles the World presents him with. Despite this, he seems to be naive in other ways, unaware that the "strange design" hung on the the walls of Joshua's room, the dining area, and Teacher's World is in fact a map of the world and trying to wear a pair of underpants on his head after Joshua talks about his hat.

Though he is mostly silent throughout the game, it's implied through Joshua's dialogue that he can have a witty sense of humor though he tends to take jokes seriously perhaps not knowing they were jokes. He's also less inclined towards mischief. Allen is gentle-hearted evidenced by how shaken he is upon returning to the White Rabbit following the demise of one of his peers, crying after exiting Letty's World and his hands shaking when opening Joshua's closet, knowing what lays beyond. The young Teacher in the last World also remarks that Allen is kind after feeling how warm his hands are in contrast to his own. He evidently values his peers enough to risk himself to protect them as with Letty and Chelsy.

Teacher notes that Allen reminds him of himself when he was younger and Cheshire has also noticed the similarities. They were both precocious children and they're persistent about doing the things they feel they need to do.

However, according to Stella, Allen feels the least alive out of all the others in the facility (save for Teacher who feels similar), that something about him is different and should Allen answer Cheshire with "Not sure" for all his questions and go down the hole in the last World, he'll say that Allen is empty, having had XXXX (love) taken from him.


Allen is the main protagonist of the story. He's responsible for finding each of the World Keys which were stolen by Cheshire and finding a way back to his own world with everyone safe and sound. Depending on the choices Allen makes, there are seven different possible endings.

Allen's appearance after eight years.


"... (age 34) and... (age 32)... living in... Town... were... break-in and murder... The criminal has been... But... The couple's son... outside when the incident occured... claim that... the shock upon returning home... memories... Furthermore... the criminal... a cat... suddenly appeared..."

Allen had a happy life with his mother and father, showered with warmth and love. One day, Allen decided to go outside to read a book and when he returned, he found his parents murdered with Cheshire hinted to be the one behind it. The shock of returning home to find his parents dead wiped out his memories and he became amnesiac. Allen was then taken to a doctor's office where the doctor called Teacher to take him in.


  • Allen likes to read books and newspapers.
  • Allen's story is based off of Alice in the Wonderland.
  • According to Fiona, he smells like tears, likely from his experience through each World, thus earning him the nickname, Crybaby.
  • Allen's notebook lying open on the desk in the area before Teacher's World has the following written in it: "God made the world in six days. People forgot XXXX, and the world was scattered. Then GOD made the World in two hundred million days."
  • Allen was born on a Sunday. According to the nursery rhyme, "Monday's Child" found in Teacher's World, the child born on the Sabbath day is bonny and blithe and good and gay.
  • Upon receiving the ninth Shard of XXXX, Allen regains his memories of his parents.
  • The animal drawn at the bottom of his list of rules is a rabbit.
  • According to this picture on creator's Tumblr, his female counterpart's name is Alice.
  • In the novel's ending, Allen sold his soul to the Cheshire Cat to bring Teacher back.
    • Before that happened, in the novel's ending, Allen aged to around an age of 17+, as "a long time had passed", and Allen had "recently gotten a part-time job". He also states mentally that it "had been 8 years". The rest (besides Teacher) would age alongside with him.
    • After the 8-year timeskip, before the final scenes, Stella tells him he "really came to resemble Teacher", as well.