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Imitationflower Imitationflower 21 October 2019

translators available?

Alright so, I've been following miwashiba's pixiv fanbox for quite some time and they've actually shared info about Alice Mare in blog posts. I've also purchased the PDF version of the Complete Nightmare info book too.

It actually has quite a bit of interesting information, such as original concepts for the story that Miwashiba had in mind (like how it was gonna take place in a mental asylum and the fact that the care facility used to be one is a nod to that previous idea) and unmentioned backstory information (like how David and Fiona are apparently twins that were born from an affair). It's also where people can find the characters' official ages and Teacher/Fiona/Cliff's birthdays.

The only problem is that............ I can't....... read …

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