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"The color red... This color's... scary."—Chelsy



Personal Data

Name Chelsy Leavis
Age 7




Family Members

Mother, Father, Grandmother

Chelsy (チェルシー, Cherushī) is the second child taken in by Teacher.


Chelsy's design by Miwashiba.

Chelsy's appearance is reminiscent to Red Riding Hood. She has long, brown hair tied into pigtails and a pair of light brown eyes. She wears a red hooded capelet, a red dress with a white apron, and a pair of short black boots.


Chelsy as she appears in-game.

Chelsy is shown to be very shy, often stuttering over her words and speaking in a very soft voice. She loves her mother very much, staying by her side despite her wish to go to school. She also evidently enjoys riddles as revealed in the letters found in her house and loves teddy bears. She also seems easy to scare.

She maintains a soft heart, unable to forgive her father for killing the wolf even though it killed her grandmother and was about to attack her as well. She retains feelings of guilt for disobeying her mother and stopping to pick flowers which led up to the point where her father was forced to kill the wolf.


Chelsy is the second child whose World is visited by Allen. She is first found in the house she shares with her mother mixing medicine and joins Allen to go to her grandmother's house. They stop outside to pick flowers before continuing to the river but the bridge across is missing whereupon Cheshire appears and presents a puzzle.

Chelsy after finishing her World

After answering correctly, they end up in an area of the forest in front of Chelsy's grandmother's house almost completely devoid of life and Chelsy asks if Allen has anyone he wants to protect to which he could answer either "There isn't" or "Not sure".

Giving the mouse the correct flowers to eat will earn an ax, which she gives Allen since it's too heavy for her. They use the ax to force through the door and go to the backroom to collect the World Key. Right after, they hear a loud roar and they return to find the wolf next to grandmother's bed which is covered with blood. The wolf advances on Chelsy, and Allen has the choice to either use the ax or tackle it. The former would result in Chelsy's breakdown and the latter would result in Allen's death.


Chelsy lives with her father and mother in a house in the woods. Her father is rarely home and ever since her mother had fallen ill, she has taken care of both her and the house, even choosing against going to school in order to do so. When her mother runs out of medicine, she goes to her grandmother's house in order to get more.

On one such journey to her grandmother's house at her mother's request, Chelsy decides to stop in a garden of flowers she found in order to pick some for her grandmother despite her mother's warnings not to stray from her path. In the garden she meets a stranger who asks her if she knew a medicine-maker and Chelsy answers she does, leading him to her grandmother's house.

Once they arrived, Chelsy went to retrieve the medicine but when she heard a loud noise, she rushed back only to find a wolf eating her grandmother before stuffing medicine into a bag. Upon noticing her, the wolf began to approach Chelsy upon which her father appeared and used an ax to kill it, traumatizing Chelsy who ran back to her house and into her room.

At some point, a letter was sent to Teacher, who came to take Chelsy under his care.

Notebook scrap[]

Vermillion Notebook[]

It's very scary in the afternoon when the sky turns all red. I really don't like thunder, either. It sounds so scary. Teacher, can't you change the color of the sky?

Today Letty invited me to play outside. We played in the flower garden. Then suddenly I saw a caterpillar on my shoulder, and I yelped and cried. Joshua was nearby, and he took the caterpillar. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was collecting frogs. ... Be careful, Teacher.

Teddy's arm came off. What should I do? I'm scared. He's falling apart. What if the same thing happens again? Help me.

That night, I had a dream where I saw it again. Teacher, I'm sorry for asking the impossible, and so late at night too. It just... hurts. I can't let it happen. Will it happen again someday? Will the day come when I can live with mother and father?

Vermillion Storybook[]

There was a white house near a flower garden. In this white house lived a mother, a father, and a girl. The father rarely came home to the house. The mother was old and frail, so the girl did various tasks in her stead.

One day, on an errand, the girl broke a promise with her mother and picked flowers in the garden. The girl went to her grandmother's house with a kind person she met there. After the girl fetched some medicine, she returned to her grandmother's room to find that she'd been eaten by a wolf. The girl was terribly scared and could not move from the spot. Then the wolf drew near her. The moment the wolf reached for the girl, the wolf was cut in twain. Behind the wolf stood her father, wielding an axe. The girl trembled at the sight of the slaughtered wolf and her red-stained father. Afterward, the girl ran all the way back home and locked herself in her room. There was the voice of her father. There was the voice of the girl, too.

'Father killed a person. But isn't it me who's most to blame? Was that father? Was it a person?'

The more she thought about it, the more the scene was jumbled in her head. So she decided not to think about it. The girl renounced having to acknowledge anything.


  • Chelsy's story is based on Little Red Riding Hood.
  • The Mother Goose found in Chelsy's World include "What Are Little Boys Made Of?" and "Cry, Baby, Cry".
  • Chelsy's sickly mother was Teacher and Fiona's old teacher.
  • At the very end of the second World where the words cut apart because the words were too blurry to read, you could code out the words to read; "Teacher, I... still can't forgive father. Those eyes... were red." Alternatively, "forgive" could be read as "believe".
  • Chelsy appears to be afraid all bugs except butterflies.
  • The animal drawn at the bottom of her list of rules is a cat.
  • According to this picture on creator's Tumblr, her male counterpart's name is Chester.