Claire (クレア, Kurea) is the fifth child taken in by Teacher and her World is also the fifth World Allen visits.

Appearance Edit

Claire is a young girl with purplish lilac eyes and long golden blonde and pink hair, the latter of which she braids at the front. The top of her head is decorated with a violet flower and purple orchid ribbon hair ornament.

She wears a lilac buttoned shirt and a pinkish red skirt under an unbuttoned light pink dress with white frills, three small blue bows along the sleeves, and a larger pink bow under her collar.

Completing her outfit is a pair of violet tights and hot pink shoes.

Trivia Edit

  • Claire's story is based on Thumbelina, Sleeping Beauty or The Red Shoes. 
  • She is not a real character and maybe an OC of one of the admin or mods here.  
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