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Claire (クレア, Kurea) is the fifth child taken in by Teacher and her World is also the fifth World Allen visits.


Claire is a young girl with green eyes and long golden blonde and pink hair, the latter of which she braids at the front. The top of her head is decorated with a white rose and purple orchid ribbon hair ornament.

She wears a black buttoned shirt and a pinkish red skirt under an unbuttoned light pink dress with white frills, three small blue bows along the sleeves, and a larger pink bow under her collar.

Completing her outfit is a pair of violet tights and hot pink shoes.


Claire is sweet, playful and happy go lucky girl who love play dress up, the color pink and ice cream, sweets and cupcake.


Claire is the fifth child whose dream is visited by Allen. Her World is a garden full of her favorite flowers (roses, violets and daisies) through which Allen, Teacher, and she navigates through.


  • Claire's story is based on Thumbelina, The Red Shoes and The Little Match Girl. 
  • The Mother Goose in Claire's World include "Jack Horner" and "Mary Mary Quite Contrary".
  • like Letty, Claire like sweets, ice cream and cupcake
  • She is not a real character and maybe an OC of one of the admin or mods here.