Personal Data

Name Cliff Stowers
Age 27
Gender Male


Family Members

Unnamed Father, Unnamed Mother

Cliff is Teacher's close friend, who he met in College. He works as a doctor in the town nearby where the Care Facility is located and helps Teacher search for possible candidates for the Nightmare Syndrome. Occasionally, he'll take the time to visit him and the children.

Appearance Edit

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 12.24.52 PM

Cliff as seen in the game

Cliff has brown hair and brown eyes. From miscellaneous art of him, he wears a yellow sweater with a jagged line and pointed shapes running across his chest and a white coat presumably from his job as a doctor. Could be assumed that he wears dark pants and shoes when looking at his overworld sprite.

Personality Edit


Role Edit

Although he does not play a direct role towards the events of the game, he has contributed greatly behind the scenes which is greatly described within the novel.

Backstory Edit


Trivia Edit

  • You're capable of calling him in the Good Night/Recipient of Love ending after waking up from the dream. You can do this by inspecting Teacher's desk for Cliff's phone number, then going to the foyer and interacting with the phone.
  • He was able to find out about Joshua due to how he was acquainted with Joshua's older brother.
  • His birthday is on March 8th
  • His favorite things are parties, while he's weak against cats.

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