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"It's all right. Even if you feel you're as unhappy as can be now, there's lots of happiness to be had."—Fiona

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Fiona (Full name: Fiona Massey) is found in the extra area accessible after solving the murder mystery in Teacher's World, returning to the first room Allen wakes in, and touching the large key-like object stuck in the middle of the floor.

Her theme is "Schumann Kinderszenen Träumerei".


Fiona has long black hair and dark eyes. She wears a purple jacket over a white dress and black stockings with fur-lined boots. Allen notes that she resembles Teacher in the locket.


She seems quite energetic and outspoken with a bit of a temper but also caring and wise, full of mature thinking. Though she says that the reason she ended up the way she did was all Teacher's fault, she doesn't seem to bear him any ill will, wishing that he would move on.


Fiona in the game.

Upon touching the large key embedded in the floor, Allen is transported to a room and upon noticing Fiona behind him, she says that she is lost and asks him to guide her since she can't see too well. She tells Allen that she has no soul anymore, just tiny shards of it. She blames Teacher for it, even the fact that she can't be reborn before informing Allen that Teacher has always been the way he is now, wishing that he would let go of the past.

They make their way through the hallways until they arrive at the library Fiona and Teacher loved, which she identifies by smell, before asking Allen to help her find a white notebook.

After finding the notebook, they leave and find the sky of souls where souls are reborn. Fiona tells Allen that eaten souls and souls that lose their powers can be reborn but since she's too weighed down to fly, she can't be reborn though some souls choose to remain voluntarily. Fiona tells Allen that she thinks it's better to move on than to linger since it's impossible to change the past. She says she lost her soul and her sparkle before warning Allen that her fate is what happens to souls that renounce various important things in life.

After bidding Allen to keep looking ahead and saying good night, he returns to Teacher's World in the room he had first touched the key.


Teacher and Fiona, twin siblings, were orphaned at a young age where they were taken in by a school under the Director. They were taught by Chelsy's mother, who gave them their names. At some point, they both stumbled into the World and in order to allow Teacher to leave, Fiona stabbed and sacrificed herself using a large key persumably the same key the White Rabbit gives Allen and the key that teleported him to Fiona.

Cheshire is implied to have eaten her soul and what's left is weighed down questionably by her brother, who refuses to let the past go so that she's trapped in the World.


  • Fiona's name means "bright".
  • She loves the smell of books.
  • The white notebook, which most likely belonged to Teacher, has remained blank ever since "then". "Then" could refer to the time they stumbled into the World and Fiona sacrificed herself.
  • She describes Cheshire as "the one with the smarmy laugh"
  • While Teacher is like a lost child in an adult's body, Fiona is like the opposite; an adult in a child's body..