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Alice mare is a freeware horror-esque adventure game by △○□× (Miwashiba) made in WOLF RPG Editor.

Allen is a boy who has lost his memory.
Bereaved of his parents, he comes to a certain facility.
One day, he goes to investigate an odd rumor, and...

This is an exploration game with a storybook/fairytale motif. There's really only, say, a teaspoon of horror. Those not good with horror should be more or less fine. Don't worry, there are no chases or anything like that.


You play as a young boy named Allen who has been sent to a special facility after losing his memories. While investigating some strange things happening at night, he finds himself in another world where he ends up exploring the "hearts" of the other four children in the facility.


The walkthrough was copied from vgperson's.


Go to the left hall and talk to each of the children. Return to Teacher.

After dinner, talk to Rick, then to Joshua. Go upstairs and into the storeroom.

Go to Allen's room.


Try to take the leaves off the plant by the bed.

Take the knife and use it to cut the plant.

In the next room, check the note on the table and talk to the dresser.

(Before this part, check everything in the room then--->) Get the gold medal from the bottom-right corner,
between the right bed and the wall. Place it in the top drawer, on the left.

Go outside and check on Letty. Return to the well and draw water.

Go to the first room to get the cup, and move the well water into it.

Take it to Letty and solve the puzzle on the sign behind her. Answer: 136

Return to the first room and get the World key.

Go to the left room and check the shadow.


Go into the right room to find Chelsy. Try to leave the house.

Go into the left room and talk to the sick rabbit.

Go to the right room and mix the medicines. Answer: Green, Yellow, Red

Give the sick rabbit the medicine, then go outside.

Pick some flowers in the garden.

Check the river, then solve the Cheshire Cat's riddle. Answer: 7

Check the door to grandma's house.

Talk to the mouse on the log and give her the right flower. Answer: Carnation

Open the door to grandma's house.

Go to the lower room and get the World key.

Return to the upper room and check the shadow.


Search around, and answer the back-loving person's question. Answer: 6315

Go in the far-right door to find Joshua, then go upstairs.

Look around and find Teacher.

Go in the far-right door, then try to leave.

Talk to the sheep and answer its riddle. Answer: C

Open the cabinet for a grabby arm.

Use the grabby arm to get the blue book from under the top-left bed.

Place the blue book in the bookshelf.

Check the painting and remove it for forks.

Eat the cake.

Go into each room and check the hole in the back of each.

Check the curtain in the hall and answer the questions. Answer: Left, Me, Up, Right

Get the World key and open the door.


Navigate the mazes.

After you find the spider, check the holes from earlier. It's the one toward the upper-left.

Return to the spider and attach the legs. Answer: ...Okay, well, if you insist. Eight.

Go up from the fountain and talk to the person blocking the way.

Go left from the fountain and chase down the parts (you get them when you touch them).

Return the parts to the person.

Go left and check the piano.

Check around for the four notes.

They're found in:
the top row on the right side,
the third row on the left side,
the forth row on the right side,
and the very bottom row.

After you find the notes, return to the piano so Stella can play for you.

Go right and check the tree at the top. Stella will ask if you will eat the poisoned apples with her. Refuse the question, or you will die.


Go to the library, talk to Teacher, and check the closet in the back.

Through the left door, talk to the girl on the right.

Make the specified animal sounds for the girl on the left.

Three the middle door, give the legwarmers to the girl at the desk.

Through the far-right door, get the vegetables and put them in the pot.
Boil, keep boiling, then stop.

Take the soup to the middle door girl.

Take the pen to the girl through the right door. Solve the riddle. Answer: 1 (so big!)

Take the ribbon to the girl through the left door.

Go to the right hall and enter the door in the middle.

Talk to the director and answer his riddle. Answer: 3

Check the top-right bookshelf, then answer the second riddle. Answer: 4

Enter the middle room. Check the person in the upper-right.

Return to the right door in the left hall for a pen, and the middle door for paper.

Check with the person in the middle room again and answer the riddle. Answer: B, D


The was copied from vgperson's.

Alice Mare Endings flowchart; look at it carefully!

The first four endings come after getting the world key from the White Rabbit.
Choose one of the four, then open the notebook in their room using their name.

1. Two of Us: Choose Letty.
2. The Color Red: Choose Chelsy.
3. Crying Wolf: Choose Joshua.
4. Poison Apple: Choose Stella.

For the other endings, you want to go into the final door.

5. Cheshire Cat: After each World, talk to the Cheshire Cat and say "Not sure."
In the archives room in the final World, there will be a strange hole next to the door. Go in.

6. Good Night: After the final World, just watch Teacher sleep.

7. Recipient of Love: Collect all nine Shards of XXXX throughout the game.
After the final World, open Teacher's notebook using his name, hinted at nearby.
Final puzzle hint:
The first line can be read as "I'm in drink, but not in rink."
This signifies the letter "D." Repeat for the other four letters. Answer: David (Teacher's name isn't that awful!)

Shards of XXXX[]

This was copied from vgperson's

(Note: If you miss a shard, the later shards will not appear.)

1. In the area where you find thirsty Letty. (somewhere around the trees)

2. Outside Letty's house after it becomes chocolate. (near the well)

3. By the wood pile to the left outside Chelsy's house.

4. Next to the World key in the back room of Chelsy's grandma's house.

5. In the room with the dice-obsessed guy on the first floor of Joshua's house.

6. Behind a bookshelf in the third room on the third floor of Joshua's house.

7. In the maze area with the spider in Stella's World.

8. In the bottom-right of the final area of Stella's World.

9. Received automatically in the last World if you have eight.


  • Extra Scene: As of version 1.05, there's an extra optional scene in the last World. To see it: Complete the last World up to solving the murder mystery. Before going into the door, return to the first room and check the object there.
  • XXXX: Sometimes seen as the word 'kill', XXXX can actually stand for 'love'
  • Mother Goose: In all the worlds, there is a book titled 'Mother Goose.'
  • Teacher: His name means 'The Recipent of XXXX.' In other words, his name is David.
  • Chow Down: To get this achievement, you must use 3 as your first guess to the "River Problem" in Chelsy's world. The Cheshire cat will say it is wrong, but you'll still gain the Steam achievement.