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"... Allen, those are underpants. Don't put those on your head."—Joshua

Joshua (ジョシュア, Joshua) is the third child taken in by Teacher and his World is also the third World Allen visits.


Joshua's design by Miwashiba.

Joshua has silver hair and dark eyes. He wears a purplish beanie, a long-sleeved black shirt underneath a dark blue outfit with matching pants that go down to mid-calf, and dark blue and black boots. A belt hangs loosely from his left hip.


Joshua as he appears in the game

Joshua is a mischievous boy who enjoys pranking Teacher. In the past, he sought his mother's attention by making up lies to tell her. According to Rick, he has apparently retained his habit of lying though he seems to have grown a bit confused about his memories.

He's fairly energetic and playful. He evidently dislikes thinking, letting Allen in charge when it requires him to do so. According to Teacher, Joshua is illogical.

Inwardly, however, he remains insecure, wondering why his parents paid attention to his older siblings while he was left out. He concludes that his siblings must have something he doesn't; both his brother and sister were good at something while he has nothing, he is nothing. He also carries some guilt surrounding his mother's death and suicide.


Joshua after finishing his World

Joshua is the one who tells Allen about the mysterious voice from the second floor, encouraging him to look for it himself if he's interested. 

Later, he's found in one of the rooms of his World where he proceeds to follow Allen, making various remarks upon the things they find in the different rooms and giving hints about the kind of person he is and the life he had. 

Towards the end, Joshua asks Allen if he has anything he's afraid to lose to which Allen could either answer "No" or "Not sure". 

After going in the last room, Joshua will break down after Cheshire appears and digs into his mental scars regarding his mother's suicide or at least what he thought was his mother's suicide.  


Joshua was born to a rich family with a mother, a father, and an older brother and sister. He thought the moon was falling and exclaimed to his mother who looked surprised before smiling and explaining that the moon wasn't falling. Liking the surprised reaction he garnered from his mother, he made up more lies in order to see her surprised face, but gradually his mother stopped laughing or even paying any attention to him.

One day, Joshua told his mother that his father had become cold, which shocked his mother before she grew angry. Joshua continued to tell that lie to his mother every day because it was the only way he could gain her attention. Eventually, he was locked in his room with toys and a TV, but he remained bored, having no one to talk to. He noticed that his brother and sister would get attention from his parents, but not him, and he wondered why. 

Lightning struck their mansion one day, ruining it, and the family became bankrupt. Joshua's father eventually killed himself by hanging, but when he told his mother, she didn't believe him. It took a while before his brother and sister noticed that their father had died and told their mother. Upon hearing the news, Joshua's mother became mute, staring into nothing, possibly depressed.

A phone call was made to Teacher some time after the funeral and Joshua was taken under his care.

Notebook scraps[]

Turquoise Notebook[]

Today, I found a frog with a weird pattern on it. When Teacher was sleeping, I snuck it in his hood. I think it likes it. I also put one on his desk, in his pocket, and on his head. It's been getting cold, so it was tough to find them.

I think we've got way too much homework! Why does homework have to be such a pain? That kid who arrived, Allen? He seems super smart. I'm impressed. ... Of course I'm doing my homework! Don't doubt me.

My hat was gone when I woke up this morning. I got really uneasy. I finally found it under my bed. I thought I was gonna die. Why did I feel that way? 

Why did I say such a thing? How did I feel back then? I don't remember what I've said or haven't said. It's definitely best not to say anything. But they won't look at me if I don't speak up, will they? Sorry for everything, Teacher.

Turquoise Storybook[]

There was a large house in a large city. In this large house lived a mother, a father, a boy, the boy's brother and sister, and many other people. The boy had many things forced upon him, and he grew tired of it all. He found fun in sneaking out of his large house to adventure outside, then telling his mother of his escapades. Many of the stories were lies, but his mother delighted at them and patted him on the head.

One day, lightning struck, and father's castle was ruined. The castle crumbled, there was no money left. And the last time the boy saw his father, he was floating in midair. The boy informed his mother. But his mother said this: "What are you saying, at a time like this?! We're all very exhausted right now. Don't tell me such lies again."

The boy tried to lead his mother to father again and again, but she let go of his hand every time. After some time, the boy's brother and sister led their mother toward where father was.

"When I say it, you say it's a lie. Why? Is it because they have something, and I have nothing? Did you know they were all lies before? Is it okay if you don't know they're lies?"

The boy renounced having to improve himself.


  • Joshua's story is based on The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
  • The Mother Goose found in Joshua's World include "Yankee Doodle" and "My Mother Has Killed Me".
  • Joshua feels restless if he's not wearing a hat.
  • The hat he currently wears is his favorite.
  • He likes dice more than the games that are played with them so he always rolls dice when he's alone.
  • Joshua doesn't like reading, preferring TV.
  • He was born in a foreign country.
  • In the Recipient of Love ending, Allen tells Teacher that Joshua liked somebody. It's hinted in the creator's Tumblr that it might be Chelsy.
  • At the very end of the third World, where the words cut apart because the words were too blurry to read, you could code out the words to read; "But I still said so. Did I make the right choice?"
  • The animal drawn at the bottom of his list of rules is a lion.
  • According to this picture on creator's Tumblr, his female counterpart's name is Jessica.