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"Okay, let's play! It's my first time playing with someone else in a Dream!"—Letty

Letty (レティ, Reti) is the first child that is taken care by Teacher in his facility. She has an alter named Rick.


Letty's design by Miwashima

Letty is a young girl with red eyes and long silver and violet hair, the latter of which she braids at the front. The top of her head is decorated with a red rose and black ribbon hair ornament.

She wears a white buttoned shirt and a tartan skirt under an unbuttoned dark blue dress with white frills, three small red bows along the sleeves, and a larger red bow under her collar.

Completing her outfit is a pair of black tights and beige shoes.


Sprite 3.png

Letty is a bright and cheerful girl. She always seems very eager to play as noted by Allen and always energetic. She has an alter named Rick, who she thinks of as her brother and her friend. She's noted to have different interests than Rick does. When she's awake, Letty controls the body, whereas Rick's controls the body when Letty sleeps.


Letty possessed by Rick.

Letty is the first child that is taken in by Teacher. She is also the first child whose dream is visited by Allen. In her Dream, she is first found slumped against a sign, too thirsty to move after which she insists on finding Rick.

She asks Allen whether he has someone important to him to which Allen can either answer "I don't" or "Not sure".

Cheshire gives Rick back, albeit in bad shape, and she & Allen continue onto the cabin in which the latter first awoke in only to find it made of sweets. They find the World Key in the second room and come back to find the "witch" by the fireplace. When she advances on Letty, Rick switches in and pushes the witch into the fireplace, after which Letty runs after her into the flames. 


Letty grew up with a poor family in a small house, but she loved her parents very much. Her biological mother passed away from an illness and her father remarried. Rick, an alter, developed due to Letty's step-mother abusing her; he shielded Letty from hurtful words but was unable to help when she was beaten. Her step-mother became frustrated with Letty for her continuing belief in her "imaginary friend," Rick. One day, her mother dragged Letty for a walk in the woods and left her there.

As Letty sat in the dark woods alone, she closed her eyes and began to talk to Rick, who told her he'll be strong for her, allowing her to be "weak". They eventually found their way home, where Letty pushed her step-mother into the fireplace and set the whole house on fire with her father still in it. In the aftermath, she was eventually taken to Teacher, who took her in.

Notebook scraps[]


My house is deep in the forest. There are lots of animals, and the air is really nice. It's a wonderful place. My family is mother, father, and one more. He's always with me. Always there for me. From good morning to good night. But it's too bad he can't play tag or anything with me.


My mother isn't my real mother.I heard my real mother passed away from an illness. The mother I have now often teases her. So I take the brunt of it for her. I'm responsible for all the hurtful things. But when she's beaten, I can't protect her.


One day, mother said we'd go for a walk. I didn't want to, but she dragged me by the hand into the forest. Like usual, after walking a long way, mother said we'd take a break. You stay here, she told me, and I sat there the whole time. It got dark. I was scared. It was pitch black. I was so, so scared. So I closed my eyes and talked to him. What's your name? What's your favorite food? What don't you like? I was surprised. He wasn't like me at all.


Is this the deep forest? I should go back. I'm fine, but she doesn't like living here. She'll say it grosses her out again. Why does that witch have to tease her so? I have to do away with that evil witch.


I'm so hungry. If only my house and my clothes could be tasty sweets. Then everyone in my family could have a good meal. ... Oh, but I guess chocolate melts really quick. That won't work. I burned it all.


When I took everything onto myself, she could smile all the while. I like her, I really do. But why was I born? Teacher prepared two beds, and clothes for me too. But is this right? Is it wrong for me to exist? Teacher is -er ---- th- --ly r----- I e----? / Teacher, sh- m-- -- her, b-- th-- wh- -- I?

Burgundy Notebook[]

There was a butterfly in the garden today. I tried to give it a cookie Teacher gave me, but the butterfly seemed to like the flowers better. Are flowers tasty, I wonder? Are they sweeter than sweets?

It rained today. Rain makes everything all damp, and you can't play outside. I hate it! I found myself thinking it'd be nice if all this rain were candy. Anyway, I need to do schoolwork. ... Though I've been slacking!

I mistook Rick's notebook for mine, and he got angry at me. I didn't look at what he wrote, but I know. He looks so sad. Am I a bad kid, Teacher? I'll need to properly tell him I'm sorry later.

I know why. Why I burned mother, and father, and the house. But I won't say it. It'll just make Rick sadder. I need to be stronger. Teacher, please teach me more things.

Burgundy Storybook[]

There was a little house deep in the woods. In this little house lived a mother, a father, and a girl. Their lives were very needy. But out of kindness to her mother and father, the girl endured her hunger. It happened suddenly. Her mother, as if a changed person, began acting cold toward her daughter. As soon as her father went out, her mother dragged the girl out into the woods, and told her this: "There's no more food for you. You can't come back home."

The woods were dark, and she didn't know her way back. The girl closed her eyes and thought. 'Why? Is it because I was weak? That's why there's no food for me?' As she mumbled to herself, a lone boy talked to the girl.

"I'll be strong, so you can be weak."

The girl was terribly surprised. And she said "Yes, that's right," before falling asleep. The girl renounced having to face up to herself.


  • Letty and Rick's story is based on Hansel & Gretel.
  • The Mother Goose in Letty's World include "The Queen of Hearts" and "Punch and Judy".
  • Letty loves sweets.
  • The first two letters of Letty's name can be used to spell "left" while the first two letters of Rick's can be used to spell "right".
  • During the confrontation with the witch, Rick seems to have switched in. Later, when you revisit Letty's room in the Dream, Letty is shown to be fine while Rick remains in a dismal state in bed. Considering how each of the childrens' appearances change according to their mental state, both of these facts could mean that Letty is dissociated from the situation, whereas Rick isn't.
  • It's implied that whenever Letty goes to "sleep", Rick switches in and vice versa, so they're using the same body but wearing different clothes provided by Teacher. This explains why, even though Letty was supposedly "asleep" when Rick appears at the beginning of the game, she's not in her bed.
  • In the last notebook fragment where the words cut apart because the words were too blurry to read, you could code out the words to read, "Teacher, is her love the only reason I exist?" / "Teacher, she may be her, but then who am I?" Alternatively, love could also be life, pain, or fear.
  • The animal drawn at the bottom of her list of rules is a dove.
  • According to this picture on creator's Tumblr, her male counterpart's name is Ledley.