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"Letty's sleeping right now. When I'm here, she's always sleeping."—Rick

Rick Amery


Personal Data

Name Rick
Age Unknown
Gender Male


Family Members Letty (Sister/alter)

Mother (Deceased)

Step-mother (Deceased)

Father (Deceased)

Rick (リック, Rikku) is the first child that is taken care by Teacher in his facility. He has an alter named Letty.


Rick's design by Miwashiba.

Rick is a boy with red eyes and long, silver and violet hair, the latter of which is kept in a braid. He uses the red rose and black ribbon hair ornament to keep his hair in a ponytail.

He wears a white long-sleeved button-up shirt under a dark blue vest with a small red jabot around his neck.

Rick also has on a pair of matching dark blue pants which is rolled up to just below the knees to reveal a tartan pattern with three small bows up the sides. Underneath the pants he wears long black socks and beige shoes.


Rick sprite.png

Rick is a rather calm. He's noted to have different interests than Letty does.

He's protective of Letty, doing everything he could to ensure she doesn't get hurt more than she has to be.

Still, he questions his right to exist and to live due to being an alter, which is part of the reason why he always seems a little sad.


Rick after Cheshire returns him.

Rick is first introduced after dinner, when Allen enters his and Letty's room. He's found later by Cheshire Cat, who eats his soul (and, it seems, part of Letty's soul) since he's already so broken, and then he's returned to Letty and Allen in a bad state. He doesn't talk, save the moment after they take the World Key upon which he says that Teacher had been present, not to move the key, and that he's hungry. 

When the party returns to the first room, they find the witch, who advances on Letty. Rick switches in and pushes the witch into the fireplace. 

Afterwards, he remains unresponsive in his bed in Letty's room in the World.  


Rick formed due to Letty's step-mother abusing her. He switches in when she hurls hurtful words at Letty, but could do nothing when she was beaten.

One day, after their step-mother abandoned Letty into the forest, he began to talk to her, telling her that he'll be strong so that she didn't have to be, upon which she fell asleep and let him switch in.

Angry, he managed to make his way back to the cabin, all the while vowing he'll do away with the witch that was his step-mother; in the end, Letty was the one who ultimately caused the demise of her family, though Rick took the responsibility away from her so that she didn't have to bear it.


  • Letty and Rick's story is based off Hansel & Gretel.
  • The first two letters in Rick's name can be spelled as "right" while the first two letters of Letty's name could be used to spell "left".
  • It's implied that whenever Letty goes to "sleep", Rick switches in and vice versa, so they're using the same body but wearing different clothes provided by Teacher. This explains why, even though Letty was supposedly "asleep" when Rick appears at the beginning of the game, she's not in her bed.
  • In the last notebook fragment where the words cut apart because the words were too blurry to read, you could code out the words to read, "Teacher, is her love the only reason I exist?" Alternatively, love could also be life, pain, or fear.
  • The animal drawn at the bottom of his list of rules is a dove.
  • According to this picture on creator's Tumblr, his female counterpart's name is Rita.