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"Living humans all get dirty"—Stella

Stella Northrop


Personal Data

Name Stella Northrop
Age 8




Family Members


Stella (ステラ, Sutera) is the fourth child to be taken in by Teacher.


Stella's design by Miwashiba.

Stella is a young girl with a long straight black hair that reaches past her waist and a pair of red eyes. She wears a white and black dress in a vaguely a gothic lolita style that reaches her knees as well as long black stockings and black loafers.

She has a frilly headband on her head attached with ribbons and a broach jabot .


Stella as she appears in the game.

Stella is a rather cold girl who hates the living. The casual way with which she talks about death makes her seem gloomy or even morbid. She is rather blunt to the point of being harsh and she could be quite demanding and bossy, often leaving Allen with the tasks that present themselves in the World. The creator, Miwashiba, has stated that she is an "expressionless girl".

She enjoys peace and quiet, having a liking to pianos because they don't make unnecessary noise. She doesn't seem interested in interacting with her peers.

As someone familiar with death, she's able to "tell" whether a person is alive or not. She has stated that though all the people in the house are alive, they feel dead, Allen and Teacher especially.


Stella is the fourth child whose dream is visited by Allen. Her World is rather void and full of tombstones through which Allen, Teacher, and she navigates through.

While taking a break near a fountain, she asks Allen if he is the least happy of them all to which he could reply either "Maybe" or "Not sure".


Stella grew up in a small town deep in the woods when a plague spread around the people and everyone began dying except for her since she was immune to it. After she lost her family to the illness, others took her in but they never lasted before they died as well.

After the death of her fifth surrogate family, the nun from the church offered her a poisoned apple so that she wouldn't have to be alone but she refused the apple and the nun died not long after and Stella regretted not taking the apple. After her town was wiped out, she went through the forest and eventually got directions from somebody leading her to Teacher's house.

Notebook scraps[]

Black Notebook[]

There's a small church drawn in the corner.

A lot of drawings of apples.

One page is colored completely black.

Teacher's eyes... the same. Pitch black. Strange. The same eyes as that town. Yet he breathes. Why?

Black Storybook[]

There was a little town down deep in the woods. In this little town, there lived many people. They all lived healthy lives without sickness. But it struck suddenly one stormy night. A curse was laid on the forest. Many victims of the curse died every day. But a single girl did not fall victim to the curse. Many people felt pity for the girl, who had lost her family to the curse, and invited her to their homes. Yet the curse came once more, the girl lost another family. After losing a fifth family, she met a person in a church who offered her an apple.

"This apple carries the curse of death. With this, you can go to heaven with the rest of them."

But the girl refused. And that person, too, died of the curse. The girl deeply regretted not eating that poison apple. Soon, the girl began to harbor a hatred for living. The girl renounced having any attachment to life.


  • Stella's story is based off of Snow White. 
  • The piano in Stella's room plays a funeral dirge.
  • The music Stella plays on the piano in her World is Schumann Kinderszenen Träumerei, which is Fiona's theme. If you ask her to play again, she plays El Paradiso, the ending theme, though slower and at a lower key. The third time onwards, the piano plays the funeral dirge.
  • Stella is the only child who Cheshire hadn't stolen love from but since she had so little of it in the first place, it didn't really matter.
  • Stella dislikes Cheshire because she can't tell whether he's alive or not.
  • Not counting Letty since Rick is a part of her, Stella is the only child unscathed after venturing into their World.
  • At the very end of her World where it's too blurry to read, you could decode the words, "But Teacher, you understand, don't you?"
  • The animal drawn at the bottom of her list of rules is a zebra.
  • According to this picture on creator's Tumblr, her male counterpart's name is Scott.