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"There there, there there, there, there... It's okay."—Teacher



Personal Data

Name Teacher
Age 27 ("Allegedly")[1]
Gender Male


Family Members

Fiona , sister (Deceased)

Teacher (先生, Sensei), real name David Massey, is the caretaker of all the children he has taken into his home, turning it into an orphanage of sorts. He takes care of all the cooking, cleaning, and other chores as well as educating the children and providing them the support they may need.  


Teacher's design by Miwashiba.

Teacher is tall with long black hair tied in a ponytail with a red ribbon and black eyes. Stella has said that his hair is unkempt and even longer than hers. He wears a long dark hooded coat thrown over his shoulders with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath and black pants and shoes. He has a locket around his neck and a watch around his left wrist.

His younger self has shorter hair and a more monotonous look on his face. He wears a purple checkered vest over a long-sleeved white shirt, purple pants rolled up to his knees, and a pair of long dark socks and shoes. He appears to have a pouch attached to his hip with a ring of keys attached to it.


Teacher as he appears in game.

Teacher appears to be very kind and caring, forgiving Allen when he disobeyed him by going up to the second floor at night and demonstrating concern for his charges' wellbeing. According to Cliff, he's a good guy if a bit strange. 

He doesn't appear to get angry easily but Rick has warned Allen not to be fooled; Teacher gets scary when angered. 

He's also evidently a bit airheaded despite being highly intelligent, constantly becoming the focus of Joshua's mischief and while cautioning Stella and Allen to be careful not to trip on the holes in the ground, the former states that Teacher is more likely to trip over the holes than either of them.

Despite his outward appearances, however, he has a kind of deep inner melancholy derived from his inability to perceive the love he receives from others, even while he tried his utmost to love. Thus, the reason he rejects his name--even though he thinks the name, itself, is great, since it means "Recepient of XXXX", but he hates himself for being unable to live up to the name given to him by his own teacher. Stella has stated that Teacher seems just as devoid of life as Allen does.

Cheshire notes that even though Teacher had grown into an adult, he still remains the same as he was when he was a child. Teacher dislikes having people know him or getting others involved, something that hasn't changed since he was younger. He has even noted himself that he is still a child despite technically being an adult, because, according to him, knowing the answers is what makes one an adult but since he doesn't, he is still a child.

His guilt over his sister Fiona's death has led him into researching Nightmare Syndrome and taking in the children in order to study them further, saying that it was out of the selfishness of never wanting to see someone die in front of him ever again that he decided to take the research on in order to destroy the World and its Dreams.


A young Teacher

Teacher is the caretaker of the children he takes under his wing in his house he has converted into a kind of orphanage. He welcomes Allen when he first arrives, urging him to get to know the other children, and gives him a notebook in which he may write or draw in.

After previously venturing into the World, he began researching Nightmare Syndrome, seeking to destroy the World and its Dreams.

He is seen several times in the children's Dreams and has a World of his own beyond the last door.

Upon examining the book, "About XXXX" in the Director's office, Teacher will ask Allen whether there are any bad people around him to which Allen can reply either "There are" or "There aren't".

In two of the endings, he sacrifices himself in order close off the World, assuring that since he's allegedly an adult, his soul won't get eaten. In the real world, his body has fallen into a coma. 


Teacher and Fiona, twin siblings, were orphaned at a young age where they were taken in by a school under the Director. They were taught by Chelsy's mother, who gave them their names. At some point, they both stumbled into the World and in order to allow Teacher to leave, Fiona stabbed and sacrificed herself.

Distraught and racked with guilt, Teacher began researching ways to get Fiona's soul out but by the time he arrived, it was too late, so he decided to find ways to destroy the World instead.

Notebook Scraps[]

Bad people should be XXXXed. Then everyone will be happy. That's what the cat said. Why would XXXXing them do that? And did the cat really say it? I don't even know that for sure. Just XXXX them. Ah, I'm sleepy. Good night.

Bugs flew all around me. I walked along the ground. A chair talked. I was surprised. A cat saw it and laughed like a fool. Everything got strange once I opened that door. But I don't know which one is strange. Is it me? Or is it this World? Oh, I just don't know. ... I don't know anything.

The ant told me that the frog is bad. The frog told me that the cat is bad. The cat told me, no, the rabbit is the worst of them all. So I XXXXed them. 

When I came to, it was my usual world. She's... still sleeping today. I XXXXed lots of people. But I was never XXXXed. Why is that? Ah, should I have been XXXXed more? But there's no bad people left. There's only good people around me. The cat says only bad people can XXXX. Which is right? I don't know. I don't know a thing. I just keep trying to XXXX people so I can be XXXXed.

Why wasn't I XXXXed? I thought I would be XXXXed then, but I simply wasn't able to do it. Because I didn't know how to XXXX. What will I do now? I've lost everything. I have nothing. Oh, I'm so sleepy. ... XXXX me. Someone, please... XXXX me.


In the last World[]

I bought a house. Well, but it was formerly a facility. It's much too big for me. I can see myself getting lost easily. I'm indebted to Cliff once again. I should really thank him later.

Today I met a girl. A few days ago, she was found near a house that burned down, and seems to be the daughter. She insists there's someone other than her. She seems to have another personality. So I gave her double the furniture and such. I wasn't sure what to do, but at any rate, I found a research subject that way. She's now in my care. No symptoms at the moment.

I met a second girl. I received a letter three days ago that had all the particulars. Perhaps because of what she's been through, she's much less cheery. She's reluctant to talk with me. She enjoyed talking with the other girl, albeit not for very long. It may be slow, but I'll try to get her talking with me. No symptoms at the moment.

The third. I met a boy. I was surprised, but given his mother, I decided to take him in. He talks plenty, but he's... illogical. He was a little awkward with the two girls, but they're playing together a few days later. Today, he kept putting frogs on my head. He's a bit too mischievous. No symptoms at the moment.

I met the fourth, a girl. She walked from a town in the woods. I talked with her, and she told me about a new mysterious illness. Evidently it wiped out her town. Did she have a resistance to it? I'm a little interested, but it's unrelated. She doesn't want to talk about it much. It's hard to talk with her. She doesn't talk with the other girls, just playing piano in her room. No symptoms at the moment.

All the children have the potential to break out, but still no symptoms. But are there even symptoms? How did it go back then? I'm getting a headache. I'll stop for now.

A few pages are ripped out...

I met a fifth child. He was outside when the incident happened. He says the shock caused memory loss. At a glance, I was surprised. It's just a hunch, but he must be on the verge. I'll watch him very carefully.

Two seasons have passed since then. What have I been doing? I feel like my chest is burning. I see the scene in my mind again. This must mean... Yes. Very soon. It must be over soon. My head hurts. I'm sorry, Fiona.

In Teacher's room[]

I've returned to my own world. Fiona... stabbed herself with a knife. Was it Fiona who had that Dream? Then... I must be Dreaming too. No. I don't want to lose her, to sacrifice her. Fiona... is still sleeping. The demon will eat her soul. There's not much time left.

With all my teacher's given me, I can go to school now. I'm rather reluctant to. I got involved with one particularly annoying person. He's named Cliff. I don't want anything to do with him. I pray he can let me have some peace. That evening, Fiona's soul was lost. I wasn't in time. Now what am I going to do?

I played with Cliff again today. He told me some interesting things. I was wondering how it would go when he dragged me out. He's a good person. Very good. So... ... ... ... Teacher is retiring tomorrow. Seems she's having a child. I'm going overseas. I'm anxious, but Cliff will be with me, so I should be fine.

Apparently my novel won a big prize. Cliff submitted it somewhere. I got in a little fight with him over it. I told him if it was going to be popular, I'd use his name, then went to my room. I don't have any interest in that. I've been having the same dream lately. A dream of that day. Is she angry? Or is she suffering? I have to... destroy that Dream, quickly. There might be another like her, or like me. Just what is XXXX? ... Maybe I do know. I suppose first, I'll repair our friendship. ... How many years has it been since I said I'm sorry?

Small Notebook[]

Victims of Nightmare Syndrome continue to increase. I'm glad they've found some good food, but... They're up to something in our world to drag people into the World. Parents suddenly being violent to children, abandoning them, forsaking them... It must be the rabbit's power. The cat must be up to something too. What did he tell me back then? "I only took one thing from you." ... Was it really only one? Can a person be so easily ruined by having one thing taken? Is the cat lying? ... I don't have a clue. There's no time, no time. No time... the door...


  • In the novel, he also describes himself as "allegedly" an adult, towards the end of the novel.
    • In the novel as well, mentally, as he is in the game, he is still child-like.
  • Teacher's World seems to be based off of his old school instead of being based off of a fairy tale.
  • Similar to the children he takes care of, Teacher has also renounced something. Fiona informs that Teacher has "renounced taking notice of anything around him."
  • His real name means "The Recipient of XXXX" or "Beloved" (a.k.a. David).
  • Because of Cheshire, Teacher is under the impression that loving bad people is the only way to get love in return but since bad people don't love, Cheshire had set him up so that he would never feel loved.
  • He has only one friend named Cliff.
  • Teacher stated that he hated the novel he wrote, getting angry when Cliff submitted it behind his back and publishing under Cliff's name since he dislikes using his own name.
  • Apparently, Teacher is quite messy even when he was in college.
  • It might have actually been Teacher who asked Cheshire to steal the Keys in order to protect the children.
  • Teacher appears to be able to communicate in at least one other language.
  • Teacher has traveled to at least one other foreign country.
  • The young Teacher apparently retains awareness of at least some of his older self's memories if not all of them. He also seems to know that his surroundings are that of his World or his Dream.
  • It's implied he keeps his hair long as a remembrance towards his sister, acting like a kind of weight upon him.
  • Teacher's way of comforting Allen by saying, "There there, there there, there there" was adopted from his sister.
  • The books found in Teacher's World include "About People", "About XXXX", and "About Space" and the nursery rhymes, "Monday's Child" and "Hey Diddle Diddle".
  • Teacher was born on a Wednesday. According to the rhyme, "Wednesday's child is full of woe."
  • Teacher's birthday is on September 3rd.
  • According to Miwashiba, Teacher isn't dead. His soul is simply trapped in the World in the endings Good Night and Recipient of Love.
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