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"Time and events are predecided, and I just live in that flow"—White Rabbit

White Rabbit.png

White Rabbit (白ウサギ, Shiro Usagi) is the second person Allen meets in the Dream. He is a guide of the World, but is unable to move from his spot for reasons unknown.


White Rabbit as he appears in game.

White Rabbit has long dark hair which spreads out into tree-like branches down his back, eyes with black sclera and red irises, and grayish off-color skin. A pair of rabbit ears sits on his head with the left one torn out halfway.

He wears a dark coattail vest with a long-sleeved white shirt underneath, dark pants that reaches mid-calf, long red socks, and black shoes. He has a jabot around his neck and a pocket watch dangling down on his chest.


Unlike Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit is rather droll and somewhat expressionless much like Stella though he does express exasperation, anger, and hostility when talking about Cheshire. He doesn't do anything because it's apparently too much of a bother since, according to him, time and events are predestined so he simply lives with the flow.

White Rabbit is also rather dutiful, insisting that Allen return the Keys to him and fixing up the mess Cheshire leaves behind. Though he observes Allen's state, he either shrugs it off as long as Allen continues retrieving the Keys or sees it in relation to what he might have to clean up in Cheshire's aftermath. He offers to teach Allen a way back but not before Allen has gathered all the Keys, placing them higher than Allen's own fate. In fact, he tells Allen not to mind the other Alices and focus on retrieving the Keys and he'll sort things out later.


He is one of the guides to the World but since he could only stay in one spot, he has Allen look for the four missing World Keys whether he agrees to or not, answering all the questions he has regarding the World.

As Allen returns to him with the World Key, he unlocks the next door so that Allen could proceed as well as turning all the Notebook Scraps he collects into a single notebook.

Upon finding the fourth Key, he tells Allen there are only two ways to link the World with Allen's world and get out of the Dream. One of those ways isn't an option and the other is for an Alice to use the last Key to stab someone, turning them into a "door" linking the World with the real world but when that happens, the soul of the one stabbed won't be able to leave thus becoming prey to Cheshire while their body in the real world becomes comatose.

The White Rabbit unlocks the fifth and last door, gives Allen the fifth World Key, which is the Key to the real world, and leaves him with the choice.


  • A fight with Cheshire Cat resulted in the loss of his left rabbit ear and his off-color skin.
  • He and Cheshire Cat don't appear to get along.
  • It's implied that White Rabbit is the one who returns all the Alices to their normal state after Allen makes a choice of who to stab with the key.
  • White Rabbit has the ability to rewrite the signs on the paths people take either in a good way or a bad way.
  • Teacher's notebook says that the the rabbit's power is what's responsible for parents' sudden hostile change of behavior towards their children.
  • Though Cheshire implies White Rabbit's involvement in bringing children's souls to ruin in order to eat, it's rather ambiguous if he actually is cooperating with him as he doesn't seem to care for Cheshire's schemes and the messes he leave behind.
  • Like Cheshire, he too needs to eat souls in order to survive.
  • According to Cheshire, White Rabbit is also a demon of sorts, like him.
  • White Rabbit supposes that he likes children.
  • One of White Rabbit's statement upon returning the fourth key is, "The Alices are unstable in this World, so if you stay long, they'll turn to foam", referencing "The Little Mermaid".
  • His inability to move from the spot may reflect on the fact that he finds it too much effort to go against the grain. Coupled with that, the branches his hair forms behind him would make him seem like a tree.
  • White Rabbit implies that he lived in the real world as a human once upon a time at least a century ago.
  • He has also had several different names other than White Rabbit before and that someone decides his names for him, possibly the GOD mentioned in Allen's notebook and the God Cheshire talks about.
  • White Rabbit's appearance apparently changes to match his name.